Future – “Justice”


As well as indicating bondage, the ‘The Devil’ card can also promise a release from bondage. ‘The Tower’ shown next to it is indicative of that cathartic process, a process initiated by the very bondage ‘The Devil’ inflicts.

And our final card, ‘Justice’, represents the  ultimate conclusion of this process. To put things simply, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes mandatory!”

Depicted on this card are the good people of Balcombe and its surrounding area in Sussex, England. Over the summer of 2013, Balcombe became one of the first major UK battle grounds against a fracking company, when a community protection camp was set up there to defend from Cuadrilla. Despite a high level of police terrorization, over a hundred arrests and around £4,000,000 of tax payers’ money spent protecting the interests of a small corporate elite, Cuadrilla were successfully prevented from completing their test drill within the legal time frame.

Yes, times are difficult and getting harder by the day (as indicated by ‘The Devil’ and ‘The Tower’), but as the saying goes – “In the darkest of places, the light shines strongest!” The strength of spirit shown by the people of Balcombe, their friends, families and supporters, is an inspirational beacon for people all around the world.

Fracking may harm communities, but it will also drive them to unite and stand together in defence. Fracking may devastate the environment, but it will show people that ecocide is not just another abstract concept happening to strangers half way around the world. Fracking may line the pockets of the corrupt corporotocracy looting these islands, but it will also awaken people to this fact and cause them to  question media given ‘truths’ and their actual place within a non-democratic corporatized society. Ultimately, fracking will drive people to mobilize, unify and – ultimately – act.

This is not to say that fracking is therefore a good thing, far from it, but within every crisis, there is opportunity. Staying positive and focused, by looking for the silver lining in even the bleakest of situations, is key to success.

With mass government backing for fracking and other forms of extreme energy, grassroots community mobilization offers our best chance to stop fracking induced ecocide. Together, we can kill the drills!