Past – “The Devil”


This card shows Lord Browne, the Chairman of fracking company Cuadrilla and a member of the Cabinet Office at the heart of government. Browne owns 30 per cent of Cuadrilla. The open corruption practised by this man is astonishing. For example, he appointed Baroness Hogg to the Treasury where she works closely with George Osborne. Hogg is Senior Independent Director at gas giant BG group, which has large financial interests in fracking – as does Browne. No vested interests there then.

The ‘inside-trading cronyism’ practised by Lord Browne and his clique goes far deeper than this single example, but this card does vividly illustrate how UK government policy on fracking is being manipulated by the very companies doing it.

On one level ‘The Devil’ card clearly speaks of moral evil, but this card is often more indicative of something being restricted, or prevented from exercising its full potential. In this regard, the image of Lord Browne  is a clear comment on the oppressive hand of free market fundamentalism and the corrupt state (aristocrats, politicians, police etc.) that enforces it.

The appearance of this card in the ‘past’ position, clearly states that these are the foundational roots of the fracking crisis – it has nothing to do with ‘fuel poverty’ or other such media spin topics. If it were not for an overtly corrupt state guided by the ideological extremism of free market economics, then fracking would not be allowed anywhere near these shores. This is why fracking, as well as being an environmental issue, is directly linked (amongst other things) with austerity and the banking crisis – they all grow from the same wicked seed.

What does the next card in this spread say?