The Warrior’s Call

On the 28th of September, 2013, thousands of pagans on four different continents gathered to stand against the blight of fracking. From this global magickal working, The Warrior’s Call pagan anti-fracking movement was born.

TWC seeks to empower pagans to stand up and fight back via direct involvement in their local anti-fracking movement.

Pagans who have been involved with TWC do everything from carrying out front-line direct action, to disposing of protection camp compost toilet waste in their allotments; from organizing awareness-raising festivals, to holding rituals in protection of their local lands, spirits and communities; from speaking at top tier academic institutions about methods of grassroot resistance, to talking about fracking on national television.

There is no divide between ‘body’ and ‘spirit’. Therefore, it is vitally important that we work in both the physical and spiritual realms if we are ever going to stop fracking. Hence our moto:

“Ritual as action! Action as ritual!”

The Warrior’s Call is a UK based movement, but we understand that fracking is a global issue and stand in staunch solidarity with fracktivists all around the world. Our efforts must be focused within our local communities if they are to have maximum effect, and we encourage pagans all around the world to do the same. As the saying goings – ‘Think global, act local!’

We strongly believe that the only way to stop fracking, is to empower those affected by it to stand up and resist directly. Only through community lead resistance (like ‘Lock the Gate’ in Australia) can these lands be saved.

Unlike some traditions, paganism doesn’t reject the physical world as somehow dirty, tainted and therefore in need of transcending. Paganism understands that the physical and spiritual are not separate. There is no divide between ‘body’ and ‘spirit’. Therefore, it is vitally important that we work in the physical world practically, as well as magickally, if we are ever going to stop fracking.

This land is sacred and will be defended.

Fracking will not alleviate fuel poverty, nor will it provide us with greater fuel security. Its long lasting destruction to land, water and air is neither needed nor wanted. There are many practical alternatives, yet they are being ignored (with catastrophic consequences) because of corruption and ideological extremism within the government.

Corporations should not dictate state policy!

All tactics are encouraged in this, the epic struggle of our times. The only crime? Apathy and non-action in the face of impending ecocide!

Its time to get stuck in…

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Get involved with your local anti-fracking group. Check out this list of local groups in the UK and Ireland.

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And if there isn’t a group in your area, why not start one?

Community mobilisation is key to stopping fracking in its tracks, we can all do our bit by spreading the word and help to build resistance where we live. Because only together, can we kill the drills!