Action as Ritual

The opposition to fracking is being carried by many different people from all walks of life and of many different beliefs. Pagans alone cannot stop fracking or the commitment to unending economic growth powered by fossil fuels. Nor can anyone else on their own. The hope of resistance lies in the creation of strong, non-hierarchical communities that can come together and resist the Government and corporations driving the dependence on fossil fuels.

Dedicated to the Mother Earth, and to the protection of our Lands, this work becomes sacred ritual.

For stories and experiences from other Warriors, explore the Warrior’s Blog: Action as Ritual.

The Sigil flying at a demonstration outside Westminster, UK

If your area is not yet threatened by fracking:

There is much work to be done to create a more sustainable society not based on the use of fossil fuels. There will be issues that demand resistance, for example

  • the destruction of wild places for inappropriate developments;

  • the closure of local community medical or social services;

  • extremist organisations which target minority groups in our society.

We call upon Pagans to get involved with groups working to resist such changes, and create the non-hierarchical structures we suggest. Then, if Unconventional Gas Extraction comes to threaten your community you will have a network of resistance ready to go. Pagans can network with groups already resisting ecocide, such as Earth First and Reclaim the Power. Much can be learned in this way, and useful contacts made.

If you live in a fracking area:

We call upon Pagans to use their experiences of communal, collective decision-making gained in Moots, Groves and Covens to set up community groups founded on principles of equality and mutual respect, or to introduce these principles into existing groups.

The fight to create a world where fracking does not take place, whether at the end of your lane or world-wide, will not be won solely by hardcore protesters setting up Protection Camps and locking on to lorries (though this and other forms of direct action have their time and place and may be necessary last-ditch actions). The battle is won by the people of a community sharing their skills and resources, without ego, to resist ecocidal industrial gas and fossil fuel extraction before it gets off the ground.

There are countless, countless groups all around the world campaigning against fracking. Check out the list of local groups at Frack Off for groups in the UK and Ireland  For groups elsewhere round the world go here.

If you feel you don’t have enough skills:

Make a commitment to learning them, for example by connecting to, attending training or using resources from The Work that Reconnects, Non Violent Communication or Seeds for Change.