Can You Hear It?

Ince Marshes. Exploratory drilling took place here in 2013 by Igas.

This picture was taken at dawn of the summer solstice 2016 and shows the full moon above the land owned by Peel Holdings, who are in partnership with all the drilling companies in Cheshire and the North West of England. Paradoxically, as well as wanting to exploit this land for shale gas, they have also built a wind farm here, one of the turbines shown in the picture with Stanlow oil refinery next to it.

Behind the camera, the sun is rising obscured by thick cloud, there are more wind turbines,a couple more miles of flat marshland leading up to the Mersey estuary and Runcorn, in the pale light of dawn the massive chemical plants owned by Ineos are lit up by hundreds of lights.

Both before and behind is the petrochemical industry spewing out clouds of polluting gasses into the sky above,answering our call of greed for more and more power and disposable plastic products. The land below is under massive threat from a new form of exploitation. To the left is the busy M56 motorway, and to the right is a huge slurry lagoon with toxic signposts along its sides.

Also above is a beautiful sky and the moon. In the distance ahead are the clwydian range of hills, covered in bronze and iron age hill forts, and the historic River Dee. Behind is the glorious rising sun at the point of solstice, and beautiful countryside rolling out across the Cheshire plain.

To the left are the frodsham and helsby hills, standing dramatically and majestically as sandstone outcrops in this flat landscape, covered in woodland.

To the right in the lagoon and marshland are flocks of wildfowl including rare species on the estuary.

Below, the land is full of life and vegetation and is very much alive and crying out “I am ALIVE! Be with me…”.

Here are two stories intertwined with each other.

What are the stories of the land where you live? Which call will you answer?


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  1. In this area you live with the contrast all the time. The affront to the land and other existences.

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