Critique of Ineos “Case for Shale Gas”

Fracking company Ineos have released a document, stating (or over-stating) the case for shale gas in the UK.

In response to this, the Frack Free Notts group have gone through this document and provided a critique of the company’s statements, some of which are misleading, and some of which are outdated.

It is worth reading the critique, there are two versions, a concise executive summary (2 pages) and a fuller explanation of the findings in the full document (19 pages, which starts off with the 2 page summary).

Many of the statements in Ineos’ document, as it’s title suggests, state the case for developing a shale gas industry in the UK, so the same old arguments that we have heard for years now are repeated, along with ‘facts’ and figures supporting the case, which Frack Free Notts have found to be inaccurate, so wherever you are in the country, and whichever drilling company is threatening your landscape, you will find this critique informative and useful.

The critique can be read or downloaded in either form from

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