Defenders of the Land – National Trust Stand Strong

As Pagans we must never make the mistake of assuming that we have a monopoly on love for the land.

An important aspect of responding to The Warrior’s Call is to recognise and work with  all allies of good intent. As members of the public and Pagans prepare to join in a ritual to defend Sherwood Forest, the National Trust has come out in defence of one of their properties in Nottinghamshire, Clumber Park.

As reported on ITV Central, The National Trust has recently refused an application from INEOS Shale to  carry out seismic testing beneath Clumber Park.

Many people associate the National Trust with the Establishment and this is often a fair assessment. However, its stance on fracking is clear and oppositional:

“We will always say no to surveying on our land for fracking purposes. The fossil gas that fracking releases is a finite resource: non-renewable, its compbustion produces greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change.” (Quoted in news item above.)

In response, INEOS have issued threats of legal action. INEOS”s behaviour, which has been described as bullying – has been challenged in another arena by the British Geological Survey(BGS) as the email presented in this Greenpeace report (obtained under freedom of information) makes clear. The email talks of allegations that the name of the BGS has been used by the company to intimidate landowners into giving permission to INEOS to access their land.

Some Pagans are members of The National Trust, whose actvities (along with those of other charities) continue to protect large areas of the wild land from development and exploitation.

But even if your inclinations lie in more radical directions, spare the organisation a thought in your prayers and rituals as they stand up to INEOS and, behind them, a government committed to fossil fuels.

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