Earth Web Ritual Instructions!

Earth Web is an international ceremony to protect the land from fracking. All are invited to create their own ceremonies – whether in a group or as a solo activity – to help build this third TWC global day of ritual action into the biggest event yet!

Here’s TWC’s five-step guide to getting involved with Earth Web!

For this international ritual we will be working with the classical element of Earth. The ceremony’s aim is to create a giant web of Warrior Sigils that spreads around the world. A large scale public ritual will be also held at Britain’s Avebury stone circle by TWC itself for those who want to attend. Please find a link to this event here:

Step 1:

Locate a site to weave into the web. What site you choose is entirely up to you. It could be a place sacred to you, or to your ancestors, or even a site directly under threat from fracking and other forms of extreme energy extraction. If you are differently abled or house bound, then your garden or even your living room will do ok.

Step 2:

Take a natural object from that site e.g. a piece of wood, a rock, or a lump of clay. We recommend you sit in this site for a while before choosing, and ask the local spirits to guide you to what they want to be taken.

N.B. Please do not go to any big sacred sites and remove things – places like stone circles do not need to be tampered with in this way! If you do not live in Europe, please do not take anything from, or use, indigenous peoples’ sacred sites without their permission. Please do not damage anything whilst taking the object – so no snapping off living branches, or picking flowers, or digging away huge chunks of rock to get at one pretty stone. Let the site affect you, not you affect the site. The object you chose must be easily taken and easily returned.

Step 3:

Paint the Warrior’s Sigil onto said object with water. If you took part in our previous ‘Waters of the World’ international day of ceremony, you could use water from the river, stream or sea that you blessed. If you didn’t take part then don’t worry, any water sourced locally (weather from a stream or puddle) will do. If you’re differently abled and house bound, then tap water will do just fine.

Step 4:

Now that you have a sigilised object, create a blessing ritual of your choice to activate the Sigil upon it and perform said ritual on October 4th. You are free to design or use any ritual/ceremonial structure you so wish. The power of this act is derived from your interaction with the process, rather than from following some set script imposed upon you hierarchically.

Step 5:

Return the now activated sigilised object to the exact place you took it from in whichever manner you feel called. Once it has been deployed, that site will have been hooked up into the world spanning Earth Web. This web acts not only as protective magick for your chosen site, but also creates a spot for you to visit and invoke protection for yourself directly from the Sigil web.


If you plan to hold a ritual (either solo or group) on the day, please e-mail us at: earthweb-[at}-warriorscall-(dot]-org

Pleas also add your solo or group ritual to our cyber-map at so we can chart how the web grows:

We’re also eager to see any photographs or film you take of your ritual, so we can compile an online photo album and Youtube video of what happened.

For more information on the Sigil, go here:

For more information about The Warriors Call, go here:

Let’s together add a little beauty to this embattled world. Because, only together, can we kill the drill!


Warrior's Sigil