Empowering the Warrior’s Call Sigil

Many folks on the Warrior’s Call web and Facebook pages will have seen the Warrior’s Call sigil on flags and banners, tattoos and tee shirts. As it says on our web page it was “Originally designed as a unifying symbol for TWC’s first global event … and has grown into an international emblem of resistance against fracking”. In short, it is a symbol of protection for the earth and a way for us to tune in together as a community of activists.

But how can we do this?

In order to work a sigil needs to be energised or activated. The magical practitioners amongst you will no doubt have your own ways to do this but here are a few other suggestions to think about and possibly incorporate into your daily practice.

  • Meditate with it. Place it on your altar or in your ritual space. Spend a little of each day thinking about the sigil and what it means. Quietly give it your attention and focus and then carry on with your day.
  • Draw it out. Use any medium you like. It could be a simple dampened finger on a leaf or a stone or a full-on oil painting worthy of a place on the wall of the Louvre. Draw it with mindfulness and with a prayer or blessing in your heart. You could also try to paint it in something water soluble so that when it gets rained on or washed off the sigil magic is disbursed.
  • Dance with it / wave it. Whether you have the sigil on a simple piece of paper or on a full size flag, wave it and move with it. Give it your energy and your creativity. Give it some air. Think of it like a Tibetan prayer flag where every breath of wind that moves the flag sends a prayer out into the wild.
  • Wear it on your body. Some of our folks have already had the Warrior’s Call sigil tattooed on themselves, sometimes discretely and other times emblazoned proudly across their torsos. We understand that this may not be for everybody. How about simply wearing a badge or a tee shirt or drawing it on your skin. I personally am unable to wear badges or symbols at work. However I  have a sigil badge which I wear hidden from view on the inside of my jacket lapel where it’s close to my heart. Then if there is a particular action or important decision expected I simply stop what I am doing for a moment and put my hand over my heart. I imagine the sigil there, empowered with my prayer. Then I send it on its way to do its work visualising it leaving my office and going to wherever it is needed.    nanas-sigil
  • Incorporate it in your rituals. Whether you meet regularly in a grove or moot, whether you work alone or wish to hold a large open ritual free for all to attend then use the sigil in whatever way you can. Send out its power and magic via the elements. Give it energy and voice then set it free.

There are many ways of energising a sigil, and while some may involve much planning, time and commitment remember you can also simply doodle it on a piece of paper which you carry in your pocket. The important thing is the intent of the blessing you offer to the sigil, so pick whatever suits your life and your practice and spread the magic of the sigil as far as you can.

Together we can make the Warrior’s Call sigil fly!

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