Beacons in the Dark

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The fracking industry’s wealth-lust is one of modernity’s most persistent ecological crimes; because of this unfolding disaster you are called to help light a chain of emergency beacons from Aotearoa in the furthest south, through Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, across the Atlantic and throughout Turtle Island!

“Sounds Epic! How can I do it?”

At 8pm in your time zone, on 26th September 2015, light a fire.

You can do this alone or with a group, by lighting a candle in your window, a fire in your garden, or even a chain of beacon bonfires atop your local hills.

You could hold a ceremony incorporating the lighting of a flame, or build a bonfire and throw a party for your neighbourhood, perhaps even hold a fund-raising gig for your local anti-fracking group. The possibilities are endless!

This will cast a wave of fire around our world, linking up the anti-fracking movement into a unified global family.

If you plan an event, please contact us:

Please add your event to our world map:

Safety note: Please follow local laws and be respectful of whoever owns the land on which you light your fires. Always respect the rights and traditions of indigenous peoples and do not use their land without permission. Take precautions and advice so that fires in the wild do not spread.

DISCLAIMER: TWC insists on safety awareness at all times. TWC is not responsible or accountable for each individual fire, only those who light them are. Always follow local laws. Remember – fire kills!