Flirting with the Mainstream?

People from Cheshire have appeared in The S*n (!)  and the Mirror over the police handling of a protest at Marriott Drilling Group where they were trying to slow down the drills leaving for Lancashire and Yorkshire. Video footage shows a policeman hurling a woman onto the floor during the protest.

I’ve not engaged with mainstream media for some years, but the impression I am getting recently since the UK election is that the gutter press now see the police and fire fighters as the threat to the government, so are less bothered by frack free protesters – resulting in this almost ‘on side’ article on their website.

This could be short lived, or it could be the start of something else. The movement has got so far speaking to people who already agree with us on social media, maybe the time has come to break free into the mainstream?

We do not by any means endorse these newspapers, but it needs comment that only a few years ago this very same paper had a pro fracking campaign, with a cut out postcard to send to the prime minister, urging him to press ahead with fracking and cut back on the need for planning regulations to be stuck to.

This could be a one-off, or it could be the start of something else. Whilst campaigners have been holding ‘pop-up’ protests around the country, targetting the fracking supply chain, some of the protests have been successful, some have been lengthy, drawn out affairs, and some have resulted in injuries and verging on assaults on the people protesting.

It seems by now, the fracking companies have come to expect protest, but these new pop-ups on the supply chain are basically targetting the construction industry, most of whom have never thought about this kind of thing before.

We live in a tribal society, we are most likely to take notice of information shared with us by our peers – this is partly the reasoning behind TWC in the first place. Anyone experienced in campaigning knows that to get a particular group of society to listen to you, you need the message to come from someone already within that group. Pagans will engage with other pagans. Mums will engage with other mums, farmers will engage with other farmers etc.

Now we know the damage the mainstream gutter press can cause. Mainly because they have such a far reach and influence over mainstream opinion. I work in a warehouse unloading lorries. Whilst i am doing this, it used to be that the drivers would be reading their newspaper. Nowadays they are looking at their newsfeed on facebook. Now I ask you – which newspaper/news source does the average lorry driver or worker in the construction industry read? Are they checking up on the latest environmental news and frack free groups?

So how do we think it could pan out if their news source starts being sympathetic to frack free protesters, this could be what they are reading on their break at work, and then one day, there is a protest outside the company they work at? Why not hit them on more than one level? Or at least have them mentally prepared to be on-side in advance?


The incident itself is being investigated now by Derbyshire police, but for me, it is not the story itself that is the ‘story’. It is who is telling the story that is the story.

The video of the incident can be seen at

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