For Upton…

For Upton

Protectors prepared their towers and tunnels,
Since Idiot Gas and Dark Energy
Ignored the local community –
At least an anti-fracking eighty-five percent.
They don’t care about the locals’ health,
They’re more interested in their own wealth.
So some frack free friendly folk were forced
To set up camp within a field,
Starting one day in April ‘fourteen.
A changing guard of Earth Warriors stood,
A rebel alliance with the partisan–friendly population,
Combined in peaceful protest against the power
Of an ignorant, compassionless, corporate Evil Empire.
For more than a month they faced the threat – of eviction
Been backed by the stench of cowardly corruption.
People protest peacefully, protectors proletarian,
In a spirit always at least both ethical and moral;
Though the companies bought bailiffs, all appearing legal,
Their fashion is that alone – Injustice appearing as Justice.
Hired thugs have harassed people elsewhere, even going globally,
Unfairly coercing consent, all without reason; they
Only be insidious intimidators who have attempted to act unlawfully.
”Where are the times proper policing prevailed?”
Anguished innocents have much bewailed.
So seems the frackers choose to bring battle
Where their presence is unwanted,
Therefore they persistently wrong the people’s right,
Bond villains displaying malevolent might;
As siege be laid, so may it be paid
By the entire wallet of fracking greed.
My boots still show signs of the mud
From that memorable ground I trod
I hope to one day walk again,
May it be forever free from pain.
Should the companies continue their corporate psychopathy
May they meet the worst; engaging the Earth Dragon
By their dishonest deeds, and feel the formation
Of its breath all around them.
Spirits rise to defend the land ancestral,
With such creatures elemental;
Lobbyists spew speech excremental,
For gains in fortune and political,
Hands hooked into those puppets
Allegedly representing public interest.
In truth they renege their responsibility,
Reaping the revocation of people’s trust.
One day, as lions will be
Those they treated so long like sheep –
Roaring in unison their causes such as “Save Upton!”

Michael J Vickery, 08 December 2015 (Original) and 28 January 2016 (Updated)
(photo credit to Natasha Quarmby Photography)