Fracking Threat to York/Derby/Notts Increases

There is a fracking threat from Ineos imminent in the South Yorkshire/Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire areas.

Fracking company Ineos have contracted land agents Fisher German Priestner to gain access to land for their seismic survey in these areas. In the past, Tesla Exploration Ltd  had been able to gain access to land with ease. Now, due to  increasing awareness and community resistance, they are having to offer people willing to sell out their communities bribes  to gain access to land for their tests.  These companies do not have any right to access your land without prior agreement! If contractors come onto your land, you can refuse access. You can report it as trespass. Record any activity, damage, times, dates, locations and take pictures. If you are organised ahead of the survey, you can make it much harder for the fracking companies to get the data they want.
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As we have previously written on this blog, seismic testing is a precursor to fracking. Ineos needs the data from these tests to find the best spots to put their drills. Concerned residents are taking action to highlight and resist this activity.

Fisher German has already begun contacting landowners, and has told Rotherham council that INEOS wants to start the survey works at the end of September/start of October 2016 (PDF).

If you live in or near one of these areas, the countdown has already begun. This is a major financial outlay from Ineos, and shows that they definitely want to move in to exploit the shale in these areas.

Frack Free Notts has a page on their website about seismic surveys in their area and there is some discussion on their facebook group.

There is the Frack Free South Yorkshire website with mailing list and  Frack Free South Yorkshire Facebook group

and the Frack Free Derbyshire facebook group

The best time to get actively involved is TODAY. No amount of facebook ‘likes’ will stop this filthy industry.

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