Gearing Up for Action – NetPol Guides for Anti-Frackers

Nottinghamshire Council has just approved iGas’s planning application to vertically and horizontally drill two wells at Misson in north Nottinghamshire, by a vote of seven to four. This is despite the site being next to a protected nature reserve.

There is at least the proviso that if iGas wants to frack it will need to make a further planning application.  This is not the case at the sites approved in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

However, what is certain is that Pagans who have heard The Warrior’s Call will be involved in protests and demonstrations alongside others in their communities as the Government and the fossil fuel industry continue to pursue this course.

So it seems a good time to remind people of the guidance issued by the Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) issued last year. There are two publications of particular relevant to the anti-fracking movement.

The first is The Anti-Frackers’ Guide to Resisting Police Surveillance. We have discussed elsewhere here the importance of being aware of this issue in relation to Community Liaison Officers.  This guidance is particularly useful in relation to the use of social media which often provides the Police with an easy source of information about the movements of activists.

The second is The Anti-fracker’s Guide to Understanding Laws Affecting Protesters .  The law is bewildering if you have never had to grapple with it before. It’s vital to know your rights and what is or is not a criminal offence. Without knowledge we may accidentally get on teh wrong side of the law so it’s useful to have such knowledge.

These come as online publications and as separate downloadable fact sheets.  Magical practice doesn’t put us outside of, or protect us from, the law. So have a read and be prepared.

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