Here We Stand

Everything is connected. The struggle to prevent extreme energy extraction of which fracking is one technology, cannot be seen in separation from the wider world. Therefore, in response to recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia The Warrior’s Call has made the following statement:

The Warrior’s Call – Pagans United Against Fracking calls on all Pagans of good intent to join in the struggle against fracking and all forms of extreme energy extraction. It recognises that in many places the oppressive actions, and the consequences of the fossil fuel industry fall disproportionately on Indigenous peoples and the poor.

All anti-fracking actions and rituals that occur under the banner of The Warrior’s Call must be conducted in an atmosphere of respect for all who take part and all who are affected by this industry, no matter what their level of ability, ethnicity, culture, sexual or gender orientation or pagan path. The sigil is a protection for all. Its protection cannot be withheld due to hatred of one of the groups mentioned above. For this reason The Warrior’s Call rejects absolutely White Supremacist and neo-Nazi ideologies.

Any Pagan who cannot agree with this position is not welcome here no matter what the strength of their opposition to the fossil fuel industry.

4 thoughts on “Here We Stand

  1. Very pleased to hear this.Its amazing how many do not get that if you are not opposed to fascism,you are for it.The God/Goddess/Energy is for all the Human race,not just our own race.

  2. A welcome statement, White supremacist and neo-Nazi ideals are the absolute antithesis of Pagan ideals which engender a respect for ALL life – one cannot be both!

  3. Agree wholeheartedly.
    Any modern style of National Socialism is not Pagan: nor has it anywhere
    to exist in modern life.
    Apart from the USA.
    Unforgiven Social Aliens……

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