How to take part in the Waters of the World!

The Druid House of Danu, California, held a beautiful ceremony for our last international event.

The Druid House of Danu, California, held a beautiful ceremony for our last international event.

This is what you need to do:

On the day, perform whatever form of ritual calls to you. Public or private, solo or group, big or small – ceremonies of all pagan traditions and manifestations are warmly encouraged.

There is, however, one simple action required to link together our rituals all over the world.

At some point during or after your ritual, place a native plant cutting of your choice into a moving body of water (e.g. a river or stream, you can even do this on the coast using an outgoing tide) with the intent to bless and protect the waters of the world from fracking.

The magick of this simple act will then enter into the global water cycle – mixing up into the clouds and out into the oceans – to form a unified spell of protection around the entire world. A very beautiful thing indeed.

There is no central focus ritual for this event, as we are all equal in this epic endeavour.

If you plan to hold a ritual (either solo or group) on the day, please get back to us so we can add you to the list! Please give us a location (or simply a vague location if it is a private or solo ritual) so we can add you to our world map, documenting the full scope of this global event.

We also dearly want to see any photographs or film you take of your ritual, so we can compile an online photo album and youtube video of what happened.

Mother Earth is being attacked like never before – are you brave enough to heed the Warrior’s Call and defend her in the sacred shield wall?

Join this global wave of magickal activity if you are, and let’s make this latest international pagan event the biggest yet!

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Fracking has rapidly become a global cancer. But in each other we find its cure. Together, we can kill the drills!

The above (rather windswept) video was independently recorded at our Glastonbury ceremony. Stuck for ideas about what to do in your ceremonies this time round? Then watch this for inspiration.