Ineos and the Empire of Trash

Linked below is a fascinating article about the vision of Ineos, who now hold over a million acres of pedl licenses with the intention of fracking them all, at higher density wells per square mile than happens even in the US

As if the dangers of fracking weren’t bad enough, the gas produced (which they are now even importing from the US in tankers via Grangemouth) isnt for UK domestic use, its for feedstock in their plants that will end up as disposable plastic products, which will end up polluting our seas, land and air.

“Impacts by plastic debris on more than 660 species have been documented, including from entanglement and ingestion. Species impacted range from the smallest of zooplankton to the largest whales, including fish destined to the seafood market. Plastics can concentrate toxic chemicals from seawater up to 1 million fold. Ingestion of these contaminated plastic particles may deliver these chemicals to the ocean animals which eat them, potentially resulting in negative effects on their health and survival.

The problem is not just in the oceans – but also the atmosphere. It was recently reported in a House of Commons Committee how, when plastics go through sewerage treatment works, much of the smaller pieces end in sludge that goes onto fields. When it dries out it is swept up by the windinto the atmosphere. At that point we breathe it in – in addition to eating it in foodstuffs like fish.”

Its a longish article but well worth reading, it puts the fracking industry, and this major UK player into the bigger picture of how our environment is being trashed (literally) because there is profit to be made at each stage of the trashing

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