Its All About Control

As a woman, I feel connected to the rhythms of life.
Looking at the world and events right now, I see men controlling and dominating our bodies to look or be presented  or for us to act in a certain way that is deemed acceptable.
We are part of nature, what we do to ourselves, what we do in humanity we also do in the wider world. This is what happens also with the land. Man, mankind owning, dominating, controlling the land, drilling, penetrating, re-shaping, destroying, in order to get what they, “we” want out of it.

Individually we have more control over ourselves and our own actions, we are part of society. If we cannot stop this within ourselves, within humanity, how can we stop this within the wider world?

Women’s equality, equality of subjugated people…. its all related, its all the same abuse….

It’s all about control,
I am a woman,
I am a force of nature,
A force of the divine.
Just like nature I am also used, manipulated,
pushed into being a thing that I am not, for comfort,
for culture,
for others satisfaction. In thought and word and deed.
Punished for being, slut, whore, mother virgin modest.wild, weak.stubborn, Fat, thin.
FUCK YOU!!!!!!
The revolution, the protection of nature starts within us.
Nature is made of the same stuff,
We are nature!
equal, same.
Separation, power over,
destruction of nature,
is the abomination.

One thought on “Its All About Control

  1. Powerful poem. Loved the layout. However I felt your ‘exclamation’ line was unnecessary, and to me spoiled the ‘balance’ of the whole piece – which is what you were really ‘saying’ throughout to the perpetrators, but may have upset the vast majority who (like me) fully supported your protest i.e. ‘if the cap fits’ etc. Well done!

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