Lughnasadh and the Spear of Lleu

The cover image for this article is taken from The Druid Tarot, available from The British Druid Order

A few days ago after a morning meditation, I shuffled the deck and asked for a card to be my focus, and this is the card that I pulled, amazingly fitting for this time.It is the Spear of Lleu.

“The Spear of Lleu represents the first ray of the morning light as it crests the eastern horizon… In the legends of Wales, Lleu’s name means Light, and in particular, he seems to represent the light of the morning sun. His spear is said to never miss its target and to return to the hand of the one who threw it when called…  This card indicates a single minded focus and the rush of energy needed to attain one’s goals…. or it indicates a lack of those qualities and a need to develop them.”

So this was set to be my focus for my Lughnasadh ritual.

For the cross quarter festivals, I tend not to stick rigidly to the calendar date, nature does not itself stick rigidly to the gregorian calendar, and I respond to what is around me. The crops are ripening here, and there is a short window of opportunity for me to get onto the land at this time, when the wheat and barley is ripening, but before the farmer comes to harvest it.

From conversing with my own guides and spirits, the time chosen was the night of the new moon, so in darkness I set off, having previously found what I considered the ideal location for my ritual – In a field between ripe crops of wheat, barley and oilseed rape, on land sandwiched between Stanlow oil refinery and the Ineos Chlor chemical plant. It is also home to a wind farm, and the entire area is under threat of fracking from Ineos itself, who wants the methane from the shale to feed into its chemical plants. Polluting the land to extract gas that will be used to make more chemicals that will pollute the land and air.

Naturally, this warriors call tied in exactly with the card I had pulled as my focus, and its divinatory meaning.

As part of the Lughnasadh ritual we look at what our personal harvest has been or what is coming to harvest, and I reflected on the past 3 years opposing this industry, and how the fracking companies haven’t been able to get a drill into the ground for almost 2 years now, at least partly because of the resistance of many local community groups in the area, and the commitment of local people to stop this industry destroying their landscape for the sake of profit.

I called to the god and asked for a message from him, I knew he had arrived.


As I concluded my ritual, the sky was lightening up with the first rays of sun, one can never time these things to perfection, my timing to be here was dictated by the new moon, but after closing the circle and thanking the spirits for their presence and blessings, I packed up and returned to my car, walking on a farm track through the crops, the sun broke through the cloud on the horizon, and shone brightly upon my face and upon the land which glowed like a sea of gold.


Surely I have been handed the spear of Lleu. He too has heard the warriors call.



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