Members of the Warrior’s Call meet Starhawk

Several members of the Warrior’s Call attended a workshop at Grow Heathrow with veteran Pagan Activist Starhawk recently.

Grow Heathrow is a small community space that has been occupied by activists, they have been protecting a site earmarked for further Heathrow airport expansion. The eviction of this site is due august 15th.

The workshop held there was lead by Starhawk.  Approximately 45 people attended and worked throughout the day with the aim of creating a Lammas / lughnasadh ritual that would encompass the reflection of the wider world and it’s deeply troubled situations. Consideration was also given to our own personal work as activists and the area threatened (Growheathrow).

The group was very mixed, approximately 45 participants, all ages, nationalities and ritual experience. Many having never taken part in a ritual. Traveller, students, seasoned ritualist’s and more than one radical fairy, it was an interesting group to say the least. At the end of day the ritual was held.

Starhawks experience as an activist and the generous sharing of the participating group made the day full and lively.

Starhawk was interested to hear of the work of TWC and was thrilled to receive her own t-shirt