Neoliberalism must be stopped!

The foundational roots of the fracking crisis have nothing to do with ‘fuel poverty’ or other such media spin topics. If it were not for an overtly corrupt state guided by the ideological extremism of neoliberal free market economics, then fracking would not be allowed anywhere near these shores. This is why fracking, as well as being an environmental issue, is directly linked (amongst other things) with austerity and the banking crisis – they all grow from the same rotten seed.

This image is based around an old Welsh triad. Triads are much loved by pagans all around the world. For more information about triads, go here.

For an introduction to neoliberalism and its effects on the modern world, we recommend this article by George Monbiot.

If you wish to further educate yourself on the subject of neoliberalism, then we recommend reading the book ‘The Shock Doctrine’ by Naomi Klein. A free online copy can be found here.

You can also watch ‘The Shock Doctrine’ documentary here.

‘The Shock Doctrine’ documentary can also be found on our website. For more videos, both on fracking and the wider issues it connects in with, check out our website’s film and video section.