Pagans United Against Fracking

“What is the Warrior’s Call doing about fracking at the moment?”

“When will there be another World Ritual? “

“Do you have a Warrior’s Call chant I can use?”

I’m a member of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids (OBOD) and I was one of the people involved in planning the first World Ritual at Glastonbury in 2013. Given this, at our Order assemblies, I’m visible as someone involved with this struggle who has heard the Warrior’s Call. I have begun this piece with some of the questions I get asked.

However, The Warrior’s Call is exactly what it is described as.  It’s a call to act; a call, in the first instance, to get involved magically and practically to protect Albion from fracking.  In a globalised economy we cannot ignore what is happening elsewhere in the world. So we will also feel called to act in response to actions elsewhere such as that going on at the moment in North Dakota. The Warrior’s Call asks each of us to look in our hearts to see what our response can be.

Rarely, when our own neighbourhood is threatened with extreme gas extraction, your response may be to chain yourself to a lorry or set up a protection camp.  But that may not be relevant or possible.  So, as described elsewhere in other blog posts here, your response may be to work in your own landscape.  It may be to join in a dispersed ritual of solidarity such as the one announced by the head of the British Druid Order (BDO) for 29th October 2016.  You can find accounts of how two people heard The Warrior’s Call and participated in that all night ritual here:

The Warrior’s Call is not something you support like a football team, or become a member of like Friends of the Earth.  You are The Warrior’s Call and it’s up to you to act, and to post what you do on the website and our Facebook  group – and elsewhere in our own Pagan arenas.

No-one is going to do it for you.

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