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Across the world, fracking and other forms of extreme fossil fuel extraction are doing damage to Earth, Water, and Sky. In Canada, indigenous peoples are seeing their forests turned into tar sand deserts. In Australia and the USA, people are experiencing the consequences of fracking every day. In South America, the rain forests that are the lungs of our world are being cut down for the sake of fossil fuels. In Britain, fracking has been given the go-ahead in Lancashire and Yorkshire against the local democratic process. Cuadrilla have now constructed a fracking pad at Preston New Road near Blackpool. This work began in January 2017 and ever since protesters have been at the roadside attempting to delay this project in every way possible. During this time they have suffered many discomforts and indignities including police violence.
Across the UK, people are making their voices heard, and acting in resistance. Communities across the country are mobilising in response

Now, as the drill is being prepared to arrive at the site we call on you, the pagan community to respond.


What do I do?


Please read the instructions as you will need to gather and collect materials to use in this.
At any time between now and the Autumn Equinox, carry out a ceremony, either alone or with others. During this you will take a small piece of paper, and draw the Warrior’s Call sigil on it. Roll this up and place it inside a bundle of local vegetation that you have collected, using green garden twine – this is readily available at supermarkets and bargain shops that have a gardening aisle. Use the natural fibre variety not the nylon kind, and be aware that brightly coloured string will stand out and could draw undue attention to the finished bundle.
Soak this bundle in the water of Albion. This could be the sea, a local river, stream, or even a pond. Invoke your gods, guides and guardians and ask them to imbue your bundle with protection for the lands and bedrock of Albion as well as for those who seek to protect her.

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What kind of plants should I use?


Any plants local to your area. These could be grasses, leaves of trees such as oak, ash, hawthorn (gathered respectfully with the permission of the spirit of that tree, and ideally already fallen boughs), flowering herbs such as mugwort, water mint, meadowsweet. It’s your choice but obviously only take where there is plenty.

Take a walk outside, in fields, a park, or somewhere that comes to mind, and have the intent of this ritual in mind. Use it as a walking meditation. Be aware of what is going on around you, but keep the focus of this ritual in your mind. During this walk, notice the plants that are around you, after a while, specific plants will start to come forward and draw your attention to them.

Sit with the plant for a while, if possible, and focus on it. Ask, in your mind, if you can take a piece to be used in your protective bundle. If the answer is “yes” then take some, but not the whole plant, and not too much as to leave the plant weakened.
If you are new to this and feel self conscious, you do not need to make yourself obvious. Basically what you are doing is picking a bunch of flowers.

You could take some blank paper and pencils with you, and when you are focussing on your plants, sit with them and sketch/draw them. This keeps your focus and if you are in a busy public space, will not draw attention to yourself, you are simply doing some artwork.

If you are unsure how to make a bundle, there are instructions here


What water should I use?


After the sigil and the plants have been made into a bundle and tied together, it needs to be soaked in local water, if possible. This can either be done on site, or in a bowl of water that you have previously collected.

Think about your relationship with water – in most cases, the water that you drink comes from the tap in your kitchen. At its source it will have come from a stream, river or lake… Don’t discount this – drinking water is a valuable resource that we need to protect, so if you choose to use this, pour some out into a clear bowl or jar and leave it open to the elements outside or on your windowsill at home, let it be exposed to light of the sun and the moon.

If stretched, spring water is readily available in most shops, but please bear in mind that the fracking industry and the plastic industry go hand-in-hand so try to avoid buying a plastic bottle. Again, leave it open to the sun and the moon.

After soaking the bundle, leave it to dry somewhere airy, where you will see it every day. Each time you look at it, bring to mind the protective nature of what you are doing. Do not wrap it up when wet or it will go mushy, and you will need this bundle for the next part of the ritual.


Whats next?


Make a pilgrimage to Preston New Road. Secrete your bundle in a hedge near to the site with a personal prayer for protection. Please make protection the focus, and not healing. Bear in mind that damage has to be done before healing is of benefit, so keep this about protection.


How do I get to Lancashire?


Consider imaginative ways round this problem. You could car share with a Grove or Coven for example, or a group of friends.. If you have time you could make a long walking pilgrimage. You could ask your Pagan group to make donations to fund you. Most of us have friends on social media that live far away, you could arrange to meet them there.

You are not asked for to carry out a high profile ritual outside Preston New Road site. You will be bringing the physical evidence of the protection you have invoked with you and will be placing it at the site. You do not need to draw attention to yourself.
We take long journeys to go to Pagan gatherings and camps, not to mention holidays over the other side of the world. What could be more important than a journey to protect the sacred land of Albion? If the distance is too far to do in a day, plan an overnight stay in a B&B or a campsite that you can commute from.

There will be lots going on at Preston New Road this summer , so when you go, do introduce yourself to some of the friendly local people you will find there. Spend some time there beforehand and afterwards, taking time to leave the thoughts of your journey to get there behind you, breathe in the air, feel the land beneath your feet, and the spirit of the that time and place. Afterwards stay as long as you can, and thank the spirits of place for their presence and for receiving you.
Please do not reveal the exact location where you leave your bundle but do post photos of you and your group at Preston New Road on the Warriors Call group and page. And accounts of your rituals and journeys would be great for our blog and to inspire and inform others.

There are numbers of people there every day, no matter what, but there are already a series of additional events planned around the site, if you co-incide your visit with one of these, you may find that travel or accommodation questions can be answered through one of these event pages, and being part of a larger event will give you even more anonymity.
Here, for instance is a link to events planned by RtP during July on their facebook page
In the longer term, keeping an eye on one or more of the many facebook groups and pages such as the nanashire group or the Blackpool and Fylde Community Protection Camp group should provide information about what events are happening on which days.


Travel Information:

(this information is available separately here)

The postcode for the cuadrilla site is PR4 3PJ.

If you are travelling by car Most people park at World of Water where there is a cafe and toilet facilities as well as a large car park, and this is where the solidarity days are held. Please use the parking towards the rear so that it doesn’t interfere with their business. The postcode for this is PR4 3PH for your sat nav. Its right next door to the garden centre that is covered with frack free signs. It is just down the road from the Cuadrilla site.
Opening times for World of Water are 9am-6pm Monday – Saturday and 10.30am – 4.30pm Sunday. Please use the additional parking only for protectors vehicles once Maple Farms car park is full. Leaving the tarmac area for customer parking only. At closing time the gates will be locked and the carparks covered by CCTV, anyone entering the area after closing will result in the manager being called out to investigate, so please bear this in mind when parking, and do your best to co-operate with what has been a massive help to the frack-free campaigners.

The nearest station is Kirkham and buses run from here past the site.- link here for times

Bus service no 61 between Preston and Blackpool runs past the site, and the nearest stop is K9 Kennels. There is also a bus stop outside Maple Farm. – link here for timetable


Protect yourself:


It is extremely unlikely that you will get arrested for just being there , but it as ever, be informed about what is going on, protect yourself magickally if this is part of your practice, and for practical use, print off this advice card from Green&Black Cross, or write the phone number on your arm in pen, so that it cannot be lost.




This ritual is a move away from the usual format of bringing people together to do ritual together. It has potential to change your magickal practice and/or life. There is an article containing questions and further resources here



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