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Fracking and Unconventional Gas in the UK:

Unconventional gas exploration is threatening Britain and Ireland. Licenses and planning applications have already been granted by the Government with little or no community consultation. The scale of the industrialisation and impacts are never discussed.

This film charts Doreen and John’s journey from the shock of the drill rigs arrival to the sickening realisation that their lives and the lives of their family and friends will be profoundly affected. They live in Lancashire within sight of a shale gas well that is scheduled for hydraulic fracturing.

Shale Oil & Gas:

At only 18 minutes in length, Fracking Hell is a great, short introduction to fracking.

The first UK specific documentary we have seen. Independent film maker puts the big tv companies to shame.

“30-minute documentary exploring the dangers of fracking in the UK. Looking in particular at the areas of Blackpool and Sussex, we speak to residents, anti-fracking campaigners and also supporters of the shale gas industry to better understand the implications of this method of gas production being used in the UK”

Coal Bed Methane:

A massive and important update on the situation in Australia. This documentary shows how the two biggest CSG projects in Australia’s history were rail-roaded past the environmental impact assessment process without any consideration of how they will deplete Australia’s limited ground water reserves or any determination of the amounts of gas released.

This hard hitting film is great for public meetings and pulls no punches. It addresses some of the affects of coal seam gas mining in Southern Queensland and The Northern Rivers NSW, Australia.

Underground Coal Gasification:

The Queensland Government has shut down a trial underground coal gasification plant in the South Burnett region town of Kingaroy due to environmental risks.

Six Degrees and Friends of the Earth spokesperson Drew Hutton outlines our reasons for the abolition of underground coal gasification (UCG). This report was in response to the news that a UCG plant in Kingaroy had been ordered to shut down its operations after low levels of carcinogenic chemicals were detected in an aquifer.

Extreme Energy, The Economy and Growth:

Oil industry claims about new technologies such as “fracking” that can tap massive amounts of previously inaccessible “unconventional” oil do not stand up. It’s time to recognize that the days of cheap and abundant oil (not to mention coal and natural gas) are over.

All of our energy extraction and production technologies and techniques are becoming more extreme. The amount of energy used to get energy is increasing and the returns are falling as the highest quality and easiest to extract resources are exhausted. At the same time the impacts are becoming more acute as more waste and pollution is created and as extraction moves closer to human populations and into ecologically sensitive areas.

These two animations challenge our fundamental thinking about energy, growth, economics and environment and expose the hubris of our current system and behaviour.

A look at how members of the Wet’suet’en nation are per-empting the construction of 8 oil and gas pipelines from crossing through their traditional territories.

How The industry Operates:

Josh Fox does a follow-up documentary to his hit Gasland about the propaganda & misinformation that the hydraulic fracking industry puts out. He refutes the claims that fracking is clean & safe by the industry.

“Unconventional Gas companies have learned that no healthy community will allow hydraulic fracturing. So they have to make the community sick and they do so by feeding the dark side a human nature. Once the communities are divided the people with concerns are then abused by the people who want more money. The companies get the people in the communities to do their dirty work for them”

Further Viewing:

Here are a few other films which help to put fracking within a wider context. In our opinion, these films are compulsory viewing.

SHOCK DOCTRINE is an investigation into “disaster capitalism”, based on Naomi Klein’s proposition that neo-liberal capitalism feeds on natural disasters, war and terror to establish its dominance.

The notorious under cover cop Mark Kennedy (aka Mark Stone) is a lier and a fraud. The suffering he caused over the seven years of his international ‘work’ is astounding.

He made money out of betraying friends, family and movements alike. Also, because the many women he slept with whilst undercover where unable to give informed consent, he regularly engaged in state endorsed rape. It is doubtful his superiors didn’t know about this, but they paid him anyway.

In this documentary (which he was also paid to help make) he tries his hardest to play the ‘victim’ card in defense of what he did. He is not the ‘victim’. He is the perpetrator. Take his words and tears with a truck load of salt.

However, as an introductory doorway into the shady world of police infiltration, this documentary is valuable source material.

From the front-lines of global conflicts, FOURTH WORLD WAR is the story of men and women who resist corporate globalism, neo-liberalism and empire.

From the front-lines of conflicts in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, and the North, to Seattle, Genova, the War on Terror in New York, Afghanistan, and Iraq – this film is about (and dedicated to) all those brave warriors who fight against annihilation.

For thousands of years, the struggle between rich and poor has largely taken the form of conflicts between creditors and debtors—of arguments about the rights and wrongs of interest payments, debt peonage, amnesty, repossession, restitution, the sequestering of sheep, the seizing of vineyards, and the selling of debtors’ children into slavery. By the same token, for the past five thousand years, popular insurrections have begun the same way: with the ritual destruction of debt records—tablets, papyri, ledgers; whatever form they might have taken in any particular time and place.

Enter anthropologist David Graeber’s Debt: The First 5,000 Years (ISBN 978-1-933633-86-2), which uses these struggles to show that the history of debt is also a history of morality and culture.

A cinematic interpretation of the world’s largest round table gathering, PROBLEMA is a visually imaginative, thought-provoking invitation to a world of global dilemmas. Spanning seventeen questions confronting who we are and where we’re going, the film follows the insights, perceptions, reflections and views of over 100 people from more than 50 nations sat together in one circle.

END: CIV examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations. END: CIV asks: If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist?


Sakej Ward – Defining Warrior Societies

Sakej Ward in his video presentation defines a Warrior’s responsibility, is to look after his people and the land, preparing it for the next seven generations. Sakej states that warriors have a sacred responsibility to manage the land and that nature is taken care of, but when there is a threat that will impact everything around you somebody needs to stand up, and it is the responsibility of these warriors to take action.