Return to the Earth

Return to the Earth
Dedicated to “The Warriors’ Call” group

Time of death follows time of birth,
One day all return to the Earth.
No longer making e’en a sound,
Once they be sleeping in the ground.
Nature ruling over all true,
On this planet of green and blue;
What to many seems as a tomb,
To others appears as a womb.
Nemophilists unto no plan
Need to conform; we be Pagan.
Our spirits, unshackled, soar free,
Leading lives as we wish to be.
We take heed of the planet’s call
To her warriors; against all
Foes and violators we stand
To defend, a shield wall to hand;
Be we Berserker or Hoplite,
We shall make ready for the fight,
Charioteer or Einherjar,
Gathered together from afar.
Against those who have lost their way,
For the voiceless, our place to say:
If in destruction you invest,
Prepare to meet peaceful protest;
If you proceed to carry on,
Prepare to find us locking on
To your devices of attack –
You violating plans to frack
Will be met with resistance.
Unless you respect existence,
Expect challenge to unfair rule,
Should you persist in been so cruel.
Change your mind and do some good
Before you end up as worm food,
A justified form of rebirth
Upon your return to the Earth.

Michael Vickery, 05 May 2015

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