Ritual as Action

Unconventional fossil fuel extraction is is a symptom of a wider problem. The problem of an economic system that is by its very nature ecocidal. Earth, Sea, and Sky are threatened by the commitment to unending economic growth powered by fossil fuels without regard for the consequences.

We call upon Pagans to use their skills of ritual and magic to protect the valleys, forests, rivers and hills, the villages and towns of their local areas. Our skills are unique and add a spiritual dimension to the fight against fracking that few other people can offer. Even one person working alone can do much.


Fracking and other lethal practices such as tar sands exploitation are the front line of the fight to protect our Lands. But even if your area is not directly threatened by fracking, there will be other issues that need your attention. Your own sacred Land is the perfect place to root your practice of protection and healing.

For stories and experiences from other Warriors, explore the Warrior’s Blog: Ritual as Action.

Here are some ideas:

Take part in The Warrior’s Call’s World Rituals. These take place once a year, roughly around the Autumn Eqinox. They are announced on this web site and on social media.

Use the magical work suggested in the World Rituals to begin working with your local landscape.

– Waters of the World: place blessings and healing in the water courses of your local area. Let them flow into the oceans to protect the waters of the world.

– Earth Web: paint the Warrior’s Sigil on a stone with mud or water and bless it. Place it in a special place in your landscape. It will act as an anchor for a web of protection and a source of power for you as a Warrior.

– Beacons in the Dark: light a fire to call the Warriors together, to empower each other for the fight against fracking.

Follow the guidance of your own gods, guardians and guides to work with your own landscape.

Hold public rituals to not only protect your local areas magically, but also raise awareness amongst your local Pagan and non-Pagan community. Examples of successful public and private rituals can be found on this website and on the Warrior’s Blog.