Seismic Testing – Precursor to Fracking

Seismic testing is a precursor to fracking, the drilling companies rely on the data from these surveys to locate the best spots to place their drills in. This activity could be the first sign you get that your area is coming under threat.
In the past this activity was overlooked, but a drilling company spending vast amounts of money in its PEDL area shows that they have a DEFINITE interest in drilling in the future, one the data has been collated they will have adequate information to decide where to buy or lease land, and which sites to put in planning applications.

Seismic Testing has recently started in Sefton and West Lancashire, this report from the Drill or Drop website contains the local info and a ‘hands on’ description of what is happening there.

On Sunday 31st July 2016, Halsall Against Fracking is organising a protest about fracking and the seismic testing programme. The Everything We Stand To Lose tour will use a double-decker bus to take opponents on a tour of the survey area, before heading to Southport with the intention of raising awareness locally. Details are in the link below.

In 2015 seismic testing company Tesla Exploration Ltd, working on behalf of drilling company Igas undertook 2 rounds of seismic testing in Cheshire, and in October of that year attempted to conduct the tests at the outskirts of Upton Community Protection Camp in Chester (set up in April 2014 by undisclosed individuals who recognised the opportunity of occupying the drill site prior to works commencing, and it was finally evicted and demolished on January 12th 2016) which led to a stand off between local residents and Tesla.

The land agent responsible for acquiring sites for Igas arrived on site to clear up a legal point that was being questioned, and subsequently  local people taking a stand against their village being under threat stood in front of the car and started a blockade using their own bodies to stop the land agent leaving. The blockade lasted over 5 hours, and kept a light hearted atmosphere throughout, with grandmothers sitting in deckchairs surrounding the vehicles, and tea and cake being shared out among everybody present.



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