Support Needed at Brockham, Surrey

For those who dont know, there is a small camp at Brockham, near Dorking in Surrey, they have a facebook page here 

The camp address is Brockham Protection Camp, Old School Ln, Brockham, Betchworth RH3 7JP

There is more information about what is going on at the site  here

The people there are very few in number and have little local support and could do with people to visit and support them however you feel you are able.
They have spent the past few months monitoring the work on the site, which, it seems has several times overstepped what they have permission to do at the site. This would have gone un-noticed if it were not for the few people camped there recording what is happening and reporting breaches to the council and other authorities.
They have also had very little in the way of publicity, with more attention being focused on camps nearby where there is no current activity.
Today saw them really put on the line as a convoy of trucks and equipment arrived, which they urgently tried to slow down, they put our calls for help and got a few more people to join them for the day, but numbers are still very low. This was the call on 9th January 2017
“Callout for support on the ground at Brockham Protection Camp NOW please. Old School Lane, Brockham, Betchworth RH3 7JP. There is currently a lock-on, with two arrests, after TEN lorries arrived in convoy. Work is starting with a vengeance and has implications for us all.
Anyone near enough please try to get there, to slow walk lorries or to be an observer please, to hold witness, take photos, to make any sort of protest you wish, in the road or from the verge. The vehicles will be on the lane until 3.30pm, and also 6pm to 7pm.
The rest of the week assistance and support needed too, starting each day 7am to 8, 9.15 to 3.30, 6 to 7pm. This affects us all.”

Will you hear the call?

Writing this now, from the other end of the country, all I can do is spread the word, and I encourage the rest of you to do likewise, if that is all you can do to help, doing something is better than doing nothing.

The messages from the camp indicate that there have been a couple of arrests, and with monitoring the activity from 7am and ongoing arrestee support they have been going for over 12 hours today and are exhausted, with probably more of the same tomorrow.

Any help is literally, a help

Arrestee support is a vital part of supporting others who have put themselves on the line. Being arrested and held is not a nice experience, nor is being released onto the street hours later alone and without means to get back home. Having people waiting outside to welcome them, and offer food, a flask of tea or coffee, perhaps a lift back to where they are staying or a warm bath or shower can mean a lot for someones morale. Just knowing they havent been forgotten is a big thing – if you can do this, it also releases other people who also desperately need a rest

There is an in-depth guide to arrestee support here which I think is aimed more at legal observers than people offering moral support, but please read it, you cannot have ‘too much’ knowledge.

When I have done this before, it has simply been to wait, with others with food, drink, to show support and offer lifts etc if needed. Depending on the situation, we have also waited outside with banners and it can be another way to publicise the situation with the camp.

Brockham direct action arrests have so far been taken to Salfords Custody Centre, Unit 1, Salford Rd Redhill RH1 5DY.

So please, if you cannot be there, spread the news of the camp.

If you can be there, try to be there, even the odd visit here and there can make a difference to the people there.

If you can offer arrestee support, please do that, this may be a better option for some people as it takes place later in the day, generally.

Please join the camp group for updates about what is happening, I’ve listed several ways that people can physically support, there are many other ways – the updates will tell you what is needed and when.

“In Surrey a convoy of ten fracking trucks descended on the Angus Energy site at Brockham in Surrey, and one truck was occupied. Angus Energy plans to a drill sidetrack to an existing well, targeting the Kimmeridge Clay shale layer. This is the same tight/shale oil formation targeted at Balcombe and Horse Hill. These developments are part of a plan to frack the Weald, coating a large part of Sussex and Surrey, in thousands of wells at typical densities of 4-8 wells per square mile. The companies presently involved do not have the billions needed for this however, and are currently involved in gathering data to facilitate such investment.”

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  1. Protesters have set up “protection camps” in both Brockham and Leith Hill in recent months in an effort to prevent drilling for fossil fuels at the two locations.

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