Pagans: Stand side by side with Standing Rock

It’s not within the scope of this blog to explain the whys and the wherefores about Sacred Stone Camp  Needless to say, millions of us already know about it or have at least heard of it. NOW is the time for us as pagans, to connect with this struggle. This is not simply about one pipeline, […]

Fracking Threat to York/Derby/Notts Increases

There is a fracking threat from Ineos imminent in the South Yorkshire/Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire areas. Fracking company Ineos have contracted land agents Fisher German Priestner to gain access to land for their seismic survey in these areas. In the past, Tesla Exploration Ltd  had been able to gain access to land with ease. Now, due to  increasing awareness […]

Defining Warrior Societies

I found this youtube video of Sakej Ward extremely moving and inspiring.. In this video presentation he defines a Warrior’s responsibility,  to look after their people and the land, preparing it for the next seven generations. The key points that stood out for me were – Acknowledging the land we are upon. As a druid this speaks […]

Frackers Threaten Academic Freedom

David Smythe, a prominent critic of the industry drive to frack underground shale gas, has launched an appeal to fund court action to force university authorities to restore his email address and access to scientific journals. ( Source: The Ferret ) You may have seen on social media about the bother that Professor David Smythe is in.  […]

Crawberry Hill returns to the Old Gods

At Lughnasadh, August 1st 2016,  the BBC announced that Rathlin Energy had surrendered the license for exploratory drilling for oil and gas at Crawberry Hill in Yorkshire. Crawberry Hill was the site of a protection camp along the verges of the road leading to the site. Protectors were concerned that Rathlin would frack the existing […]

Training Days and Skill Shares

  A visible, organised and informed community group is the best defence against this dirty industry. Taking advantage of training and skill share days are excellent opportunities to learn more, experience more and to network with people in the same situation across the region or country, and increases the ability of groups UK wide to work […]