Nature, Defending Itself

This article refers to the current (2017) TWC ritual. If you are unfamiliar with it, please click on the link in the next couple of lines and familiarize yourself with it. There is also some rather good information in here about Intuitive Herbalism so please read on… Since launching Plant Spirit Essences: Protective Offerings from the Four […]

Its All About Control

As a woman, I feel connected to the rhythms of life. Looking at the world and events right now, I see men controlling and dominating our bodies to look or be presented  or for us to act in a certain way that is deemed acceptable. We are part of nature, what we do to ourselves, […]

Rights of Nature

In the capitalist system, land and all the natural processes that it carries are regarded as property. Whoever owns land is perfectly entitled to destroy that particular environment. In the area of extreme gas extraction we see how companies buy up or lease land so that they can proceed with planning applications to carry out […]