Here We Stand

Everything is connected. The struggle to prevent extreme energy extraction of which fracking is one technology, cannot be seen in separation from the wider world. Therefore, in response to recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia The Warrior’s Call has made the following statement: The Warrior’s Call – Pagans United Against Fracking calls on all Pagans of […]

For Upton…

For Upton Protectors prepared their towers and tunnels, Since Idiot Gas and Dark Energy Ignored the local community – At least an anti-fracking eighty-five percent. They don’t care about the locals’ health, They’re more interested in their own wealth. So some frack free friendly folk were forced To set up camp within a field, Starting […]

Return to the Earth

Return to the Earth Dedicated to “The Warriors’ Call” group Time of death follows time of birth, One day all return to the Earth. No longer making e’en a sound, Once they be sleeping in the ground. Nature ruling over all true, On this planet of green and blue; What to many seems as a […]

Pagans: Stand side by side with Standing Rock

It’s not within the scope of this blog to explain the whys and the wherefores about Sacred Stone Camp  Needless to say, millions of us already know about it or have at least heard of it. NOW is the time for us as pagans, to connect with this struggle. This is not simply about one pipeline, […]