Here We Stand

Everything is connected. The struggle to prevent extreme energy extraction of which fracking is one technology, cannot be seen in separation from the wider world. Therefore, in response to recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia The Warrior’s Call has made the following statement: The Warrior’s Call – Pagans United Against Fracking calls on all Pagans of […]

Nature, Defending Itself

This article refers to the current (2017) TWC ritual. If you are unfamiliar with it, please click on the link in the next couple of lines and familiarize yourself with it. There is also some rather good information in here about Intuitive Herbalism so please read on… Since launching Plant Spirit Essences: Protective Offerings from the Four […]

For Upton…

For Upton Protectors prepared their towers and tunnels, Since Idiot Gas and Dark Energy Ignored the local community – At least an anti-fracking eighty-five percent. They don’t care about the locals’ health, They’re more interested in their own wealth. So some frack free friendly folk were forced To set up camp within a field, Starting […]

Return to the Earth

Return to the Earth Dedicated to “The Warriors’ Call” group Time of death follows time of birth, One day all return to the Earth. No longer making e’en a sound, Once they be sleeping in the ground. Nature ruling over all true, On this planet of green and blue; What to many seems as a […]

Defining Warrior Societies Part 3

A Druid’s Perspective on Peace / Heddwch (Disclaimer: This article reflect the views of an individual, it is not intended to represent the views of all druids) For those of you who are not either Druids or Welsh speakers and might be interested, I have shared the words of the Anglesey Druid Order call for […]

Its All About Control

As a woman, I feel connected to the rhythms of life. Looking at the world and events right now, I see men controlling and dominating our bodies to look or be presented  or for us to act in a certain way that is deemed acceptable. We are part of nature, what we do to ourselves, […]

Defining Warrior Societies

I found this youtube video of Sakej Ward extremely moving and inspiring.. In this video presentation he defines a Warrior’s responsibility,  to look after their people and the land, preparing it for the next seven generations. The key points that stood out for me were – Acknowledging the land we are upon. As a druid this speaks […]

An Action of Prayer

The blog Pagabohemia is always worth a read and this week’s article addressed an issue of deep relevance to the effort to prevent fracking in the UK. The piece is a response to the request on Facebook from Winona Laduke, who is involved with the Sacred Stone camp that is offering spiritual resistance to the […]

TWC visit Nottingham Pagan Pride 2016

On Saturday (6th August 2016) representatives from The Warriors Call, who are part of Frack Free Upton and Frack Free Little Stanney (community groups in the Frack Free Dee coalition) travelled to Nottingham to the Pagan Pride Festival to help Frack Free Nottingham with the awareness stall they held there. It was a very enjoyable […]

Can You Hear It?

Ince Marshes. Exploratory drilling took place here in 2013 by Igas. This picture was taken at dawn of the summer solstice 2016 and shows the full moon above the land owned by Peel Holdings, who are in partnership with all the drilling companies in Cheshire and the North West of England. Paradoxically, as well as […]