Nature, Defending Itself

This article refers to the current (2017) TWC ritual. If you are unfamiliar with it, please click on the link in the next couple of lines and familiarize yourself with it. There is also some rather good information in here about Intuitive Herbalism so please read on… Since launching Plant Spirit Essences: Protective Offerings from the Four […]

Pagans: Stand side by side with Standing Rock

It’s not within the scope of this blog to explain the whys and the wherefores about Sacred Stone Camp  Needless to say, millions of us already know about it or have at least heard of it. NOW is the time for us as pagans, to connect with this struggle. This is not simply about one pipeline, […]

Defining Warrior Societies Part 3

A Druid’s Perspective on Peace / Heddwch (Disclaimer: This article reflect the views of an individual, it is not intended to represent the views of all druids) For those of you who are not either Druids or Welsh speakers and might be interested, I have shared the words of the Anglesey Druid Order call for […]

The Warrior’s Call – A history of worldwide magical working

I first experienced the power of the Warrior’s Call in a lay-by, aptly enough, near Pagan’s Hill in North Somerset,  where I parked to take a phone call from a friend. Some Druid friends and I had decided to organise a ritual in Glastonbury to oppose fracking. It had been advertised on Facebook.  My friend […]