The bravest of us all…

Today at Barton Moss protection camp, Greater Manchester Police broke a disabled man’s leg whilst arresting a pregnant woman. Despite clearly seeing the older gentleman was resting on a walking stick, police thug X1208 still saw fit to casually barge him into the ditch. Earlier, an 82 year old woman was surrounded by police and then involuntary removed because she was physically unable to walk as fast as them (she was not arrested and did return later).

The police at Barton Moss are going out of their way to make the protection camp a no-go-zone. They are the real rent a mob – hired out with tax payers’ money to guard whichever corporation is pulling the government’s strings. Through violence and intimidation, they seek to bully the ‘vulnerable’ of our society into submission.

The only thing their actions are accomplishing, however, is to illustrate that the so called ‘vulnerable’ they are targeting are in fact the bravest of us all.

If you can make it to Barton Moss then head down there a.s.a.p. Show the police and their pay-masters that we will not be cowed into submission with hate and fear.

If you cannot get down there, however, then here are a few ways to make your stand from afar:

1) Here’s a link to the Greater Manchester Police’s Facebook page:

Tell them how you really feel!

2) Here’s where you can lodge an official complaint:

Footage of the assault and arrest. The event happens about four minutes in:

3) Here’s the phone number for IGas: +44 (0) 207 993 9899

Lodge your complaints directly to the culprits and, in the process, barricade their phone lines.

4) Here is the address for IGas’s headquarters in London: 7 Down Street, London, W1J 7AJ

If you live in or near London, then head on down there and directly protest, not only about the police violence being deployed on IGas’s behalf, but about the ecocide they are desperate to unleash upon the peoples of these islands.

5) Here are IGas’s public e-mail addresses:,,

Know of any ‘dodgy’ things to sign them up to via e-mail? You know the kind of stuff we’re referring to. Not that we here at TWC would advocate you actually signing them up to stuff like that.

*whistles innocently*