The Warrior’s Call – A history of worldwide magical working

I first experienced the power of the Warrior’s Call in a lay-by, aptly enough, near Pagan’s Hill in North Somerset,  where I parked to take a phone call from a friend. Some Druid friends and I had decided to organise a ritual in Glastonbury to oppose fracking. It had been advertised on Facebook.  My friend was calling to say that, wow! it was going viral, thousands of people had liked the Page and the police were concerned at the idea of crowds of demonstrators descending on peaceful Glastonbury.

So evolved the first Warrior’s Call World Ritual. I was privileged to be one of the ritualists on the day of the ritual, 28th September 2013. Three hundred people gathered under the Tor while all around the world at the same time Pagans carried out rituals against fracking, alone or in groves and covens.


Not for nothing, in his excellent blog post, did Philip Carr Gomm, Chief of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids call it “the biggest magical working ever carried out on earth”.

Since that day, more and more pagans have responded to the Warrior’s Call. But some of you reading this may have only recently committed to the struggle to prevent fracking in Albion and across the world. In this blog I’m going to review the other three world rituals that have taken place in the last three years as a prelude to the imminent announcement of the fifth of these international magical events.

Following the Glastonbury ritual came  Waters of the World, for which Warriors were invited to carry out a ritual of their choice to bless a local river, stream or spring and the only requirement was to cast into the water a sprig of native plant material. Water is particularly threatened by fracking both in terms of depletion and pollution as photos of flammable rivers adjacent to fracking sites attest. You can read more about what was required here.

According to Facebook 2.6 thousand people attended this ritual all over the world.  My own memory is of a quiet ceremony by a brook behind an abandoned medieval church in Gloucestershire, England. Sun shone through bare trees and the rapidly flowing waters carried away our plant sprigs to join the blessings of others as river waters mingled with the sea.

Next came Earthweb on 4th October 2014.

My involvement here was at a bright ceremony at Avebury stone circle  where coloured ribbons were woven together into a web. This represented the network of protection against fracking that would be created by the placement of stones blessed in each ritual and returned to their place of origin. Once again Pagans from all over the world participated.

Last year, in September, two years after the first Glastonbury ritual, we asked people to light beacons to symbolise and warn against the dangers of extreme gas extraction. Participation involved the lighting of a flame – whether solitary candle or community bonfire.

I lit a small fire in my back garden and drummed my opposition to fracking to all four directions. Thus a wave of fire in opposition to fracking passed around the world from New Zealand to the West Coast of the USA

In the words of The Warrior’s Call vow, all those who have heard the Warrior’s Call have a duty to “work practically as well as magically to protect our lands from fracking”. Magical working  is not enough by itself. However, as Pagans, magical ritual is the unique ingredient we bring to the movement. Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to participate in a Worldwide Ritual yet. If so your chance is coming soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our website for more information.

Many blessings to all my fellow warriors.

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