Voices on the Wind


We have heard the Voices on the Wind…

Across the world, fracking and other forms of extreme fossil fuel extraction are doing damage to Earth, Water, and Sky. In Canada, indigenous peoples are seeing their forests turned into tar sand deserts. In Australia and the USA, people are experiencing the consequences of fracking every day. In South America, the rain forests that are the lungs of our world are being cut down for the sake of fossil fuels. In Britain, fracking has been given the go-ahead in Yorkshire and the government is making plans to bribe people to accept it. The list goes on.

Everywhere, the people are making their voices heard, crying out in sorrow and speaking up in resistance. This voice is being heard, loud and clear.

Now we call on you to respond.

Take part in The Warrior’s Call’s fifth World Wide Ritual and send your own Voices on the Wind as blessing and healing for the Land.


On Saturday, 15 October 2016. No specific time of day is set for this event. Do it when you can.


Magic becomes very powerful when it is done in community. We are always stronger when we stand together. Get together with your community if you can. But of course you can also do this with an intimate circle of friends and family, or on your own.

Let us know that you are taking part by e-mailing info@warriorscall.org and afterwards share your photos on the Event page, on The Warrior’s Call Facebook group or by e-mail.


The wind is crucial in this event, so go to a windy place, or at least open your window and feel the wind on your face.

You can organise your own event or join a public ritual in your area.

Please add your event to the Zeemap. If you are organising a public ritual, please add a pin including time, place and contact details (have a look at the Long Man of Wilmington Ritual for an example). If you are on your own or making ritual in private, please still add a pin so we can see this event spread across the globe. Click on the link and add your pin by following the instructions at the top of the map.


The intent of the ritual is:

– to acknowledge the damage done by fracking and extreme fossil fuel extraction.
– to empower the Warriors to stand strong in the face of challenge.
– to send our Voices on the Wind as a blessing and healing for the Land.


The core of the fifth Warrior’s Call World Wide Ritual is twofold.

After opening ritual space according to your own tradition, and calling on your gods, guardians and guides to empower you
1) Send blessing and healing across the Land by making sound. Sing, chant, shout, drum, play music. Or all of the above.

2) Fly a flag with the Warrior’s Sigil.
Please make your own flag. Draw the Sigil in flet tip pen on a piece of old sheet or t-shirt. Make Sigil bunting out of scraps of material. If you are so inclined, embroider it or paint it. The possibilities are endless.
Like prayer flags from the Buddhist tradition, the Sigil flying in the wind is a perpetual prayer of blessing and protection. Don’t leave your flag out in a sacred site or a natural beauty spot, though. Let it fly only on your own private land.

In addition, you may wish to scatter blessings and healing into the wind in a more material form. Gather local healing herbs, feathers, sand, or other natural materials and let the wind blow them across the land. Please use only materials found in nature and avoid seeds – the plants that grow from them may upset the natural balance of the local ecosystem.


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