Water Monitoring? Forget It – Cuadrilla Rushes to Drill

When objections are raised to fracking, politicians often seek to comfort the public by talking about the importance of adequate regulation. The public is usually sceptical and rightly so it seems.

A press release from Friends of the Earth, yesterday, reveals that the fracking company, Cuadrilla are planning to start drilling in Lancashire in the next few weeks before completing the 12 months of groundwater monitoring required by law. Cuadrilla want to start drilling in Lancashire in March. However, they only began water monitoring in July 2016. This would mean that they would only have been monitoring the water for 8 months rather than the required 12.

Cuadrilla’s permit to drill from the Environment Agency allows drilling after three months of groundwater monitoring. It was issued before parliament changed the rules to insist on 12 months.

Friends of the Earth has written to the Environment Agency to ask that they update Cuadrilla’s permit so that it complies with the law, and warned that not doing so could be unlawful.

The purpose of monitoring is to establish a baseline so that any changes in water quality can be easily identified.   Pagans will not need to be told of the importance of going through a complete cycle of the seasons.

You may wish to contact your MP about this.

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