What can you do?

When Earth, Sea and Sky are threatened by forces that feel so much larger than we are, it is easy to think there’s nothing we can do, that we are powerless.
But we are not alone. Across the world, people have come together to stand up against fracking and extreme fossil fuel extraction. Many of them have gathered under the Warrior’s Sigil to work both practically and magically for the protection of their sacred Lands.


With mass government backing for fracking and other forms of extreme energy, grass roots community mobilization offers our best chance to stop fracking induced ecocide.
As Pagans, we have something unique to offer to this movement. We have our values that compel us to protect the Land we hold sacred. We have our ways of organising groups that are different from the mainstream, and invaluable for building community resistance. And we have our magical work which has already proved to be effective both in empowering people and in protecting the Land.
Here is how you can get involved.

To educate yourself and stay informed, you can:
Join our Facebook group to talk about fracking and actions to stop fracking round the world
Like our Facebook page for news and updates on Warrior’s Call activities.
Check out other websites such as www.frack-off.org.uk
Watch films about fracking, such as Gasland or Fracking Hell. Our Film and Video page is a good place to start.

To raise awareness and keep fracking on the political agenda, you can:
Send letters to your local government officials informing them of your concerns.
Sign petitions when you see them. They are unlikely to change policy, but they do serve as a reminder that we do not agree with fracking.
Share news and articles with your friends on social media.
Spread the word by telling your friends, family & contacts about fracking and the risk it poses locally.

If, as a Pagan, you have heard the call and want to do more, read on:
Ritual as action
Action as ritual

We vow to work both practically and magically to protect our lands from fracking.