Woodland Trust Position on Fracking


On 11 January 2017 The Woodland Trust issued a statement about fracking and seismic surveys, with Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak specifically in mind.

The last couple of paragraphs are very encouraging.

The first half relies quite heavily on a specific legal definition of an activity. This makes me wary because all it takes to sidestep this is to have someone in authority define that (insert appropriate activity) does not fall within this precise legal definition.

There is also a lot of faith put in Natural England, who in my opinion have acted in the past not to act in the favour of nature, but have acted to support government policy to exploit nature.

Natural England did not object to exploratory drilling at Misson Springs, in Nottinghamshire, just 125m from a SSSI protected area.

This is also the department that issues licences to cull badgers (a protected species) to support a policy that again has little independent scientific backing. And has been used in the past by landowners just wanting rid of a protected species on their land so they can sell it for property development.
They are also the ones who issue permits to kill our native species to protect non native intensively reared ‘game’ species so that rich people can then go and shoot them for fun and leave the bodies to rot.

(From The Natural England website
Responsibilities – contributing in other ways to social and economic well-being through management of the natural environment, eg changes to wildlife licensing to IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY FOR DEVELOPERS

Priorities – corporate services)


Yes it is good that the Woodland Trust are against fracking, but they as an organisation have their hands tied in certain ways. We cannot sit back and expect charities, heroes or organisations to stop this for us, even if we donate money to them. We have to be actively engaged ourselves.

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